Minimal Charge 
  • Vehicles weighing to avoid "dead running" between weighing may obtain Gross Weight tickets a one Sydney Weighbridge and Tare weight only ticket at any other Sydney Weighbridge. 
  • The usual charge will apply to the Gross Ticket, no charge for the Tare Ticket.

Axle Test   

  • Free check on Axles on any Gross load weighed with us, with an accompanying Axle Weight Ticket at no charge.


  • Comply with Trade Measured Legislation requirements. 

Tally Sheets 

  • Printed tally sheets covering large shipments are compiled and certified by our Licensed Weighmen.


  • Computer produced monthly accounts have an attached summary of every weighbridge ticket charged to account, enabling easy checking and forming a complete record for filing purposes.

Separate Accounts 

  • Separate accounts can be kept for your subsidiary Companies or for your separate divisions.

Original Tickets 

  • The original ticket from all weighbridges are stored for twelve (12) months and copies can be supplied on request.


  • Constant supervision of all weighing activities and the immediate investigation of irregularities of weight discrepancies.

Smart Card 

  • After hours axle weighing service is available at our Weighbridges : - (see Locations for times and colour location maps.)
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